Family Bonding Challenges of Indian Women Entrepreneurs

Women represent a sizeable percentage of our Indian population. With the changing times, more and more educated women are coming forward to take up technical ventures. This has prompted the state to open women’s polytechnic, to promote women entrepreneurship. Already a number of women have taken up small industrial ventures. It is in the field of consumer based small industries in the state keeping an eye on the ever-growing number of women entrepreneurs.

Over the year, because the variety of reasons, our entrepreneurship has witnessed drastic changes in social complexion and economic dimension, there is a very wide area women entrepreneurs can take there right place. Modern fashion world craves for innovative items every day. Interior decoration is an exclusive area for women who are in fact trendsetters in big cities and towns. Our women entrepreneurs can gainfully explore the wide range of handicrafts with a little bit of innovative ideas.

The women can capture this new untapped field, for the middle class and upper middle class gentry in India including the neo-rich who can afford any amount of money. Food and confectionary, toys and dolls, woolen garments and needle works, cloth printing and tailoring in every such area the women entrepreneurs make really make their presence. The government also considers special training and incentives for development of women entrepreneurship. But after all a big challenge is still prevailing in the survival of women entrepreneurship, and not only the survival but still with Zygote women entrepreneurs too. The problem is nothing else than family bonding.

Due to this problem where in one hand govt. and cultured society want to promote women entrepreneurs on the other hand this particular challenge is pulling back the will of such women entrepreneurs.

The challenge of family bonding is the major issue of Indian women entrepreneurs life. Even in the so-called modern society too each and every decision of a women is more are less affected by the family members, or social factors (over hearing social taboo feeling etc.) having no any meaning but they are having capability to affect decisions. If a human being always put himself under shadow of umbrella decisions, it will create annoying temperament for herself, for family and for society. Such annoying temperaments directly hit their family bonding. She will feel depressed, cutoff and irritated.