Things a Working Stay at Home Mom Can Do to Get More Time in Her Day!

So many women these days are choosing not to work in the traditional work force but to instead venture into the entrepreneurial world by starting their own business. This is what I have done and I have never regretted my decision.
Juggling work and kids is an age old conflict for many moms. The war between taking care of the kids needs and taking care of work issues is a daily battle for most of us. It takes patience, organization and a lot of humor. Here are a few helpful tips to make life a little bit easier by giving you more time in your day to get stuff done.

Organize a Carpool: My kids go to a school that is about 15 minutes away from my house. We open enrolled our children to this school because we really felt it would be a good fit. We still love the school, however after three years I was getting a little tired of driving back and forth twice a day. Then something great happened; I found out a little girl in my daughters class lived nearby. My daughter and this girl became friends as did her mother and I. Pretty soon we decided to start carpooling. Wow! This opened up a whole new world for me. I look forward to the days that I don’t have to get ready and take the kids to school, I love the extra time it allows me and I always feel like my day is extra productive.

Write Down Your Objectives, Put It On Paper: Oftentimes I have so many things going on that I feel as if I am spinning out of control. My mind becomes so cluttered with everything that I can’t do anything. I have found the easiest way to clear my mind is to put everything down on paper. It is easy to sit down in front of your computer or a pad of paper and just write down everything that comes to mind that you want/need to accomplish. You will be amazed at how much better you feel and with all of that information out of your brain and on paper you will be able to think that much clearer.

Organize and Prioritize Your Master To Do List: Once you have all of that great information down on paper it is easy to organize and prioritize it. Some of your items will be things that you do daily, weekly or monthly. Others will be a once in a while chore. Either way create an easily recognizable list that will help to keep you organized. I take about ten minutes on Monday morning to type up my list for the week. I tend to gravitate towards colors so I color coordinate my list depending on what I need to have done. For example work meetings are green, household errands yellow, personal appointments red etc.. The different colors help me to glance at my list and know what is going on.

Update Your Calendar: With so many activities every week it is really important for me to keep my calendar up to date. Just last week there was a change in the day my sons’ baseball game was scheduled. Well, I didn’t write the change down in my calendar and showed up at the ballpark with both my kids, my son in uniform to no game. Nice…. Not only did I waste my time but my son was mad because he wanted to play ball. I make a point to write everything down in my calendar. Everyone has a different preference for calendars; some have them hanging on a wall, some on their computer, phone or the old fashioned write it down one that I keep in my purse. Whatever you prefer is the best way to go. Just write it down.